About Kalavardhini

Kalavardhini Charitable Trust was founded in 1988 with the vision of teaching and propagating the classical dance tradition and making it reach to the wider audience. The trust was founded by well known Bharatnatyam exponent Dr.Smt.Sucheta Chapekar, Pt.Sharad Sathe who is a great vocalist and Smt.Rajani Dandekar of Camlin Ltd. Kalavardhini focuses on technical excellence of classical dance as well as undertakes many projects which has increased audience interest and appreciation. In last decade Kalavardhini has played a vital role in making classical dance forms get their recognition on an international stage. Also through its outstanding projects Kalavardhini has succeeded in attracting the audience to pure classical art forms.

Why Kalavardhini

  • kalavardhini charitable trust was formed by a renowned Dance Guru Dr. Sucheta chapekar 25 years back. Kalavardhini Nrityashala is her brain child. Now it’s inherited in the able hands of Sucheta Tai’s daughter Arundhati Patwardhan and niece Yashoda Patankar.
  • Dr Sucheta chapekar,is not only a great dancer but also a knowledgeable researcher too. She with her analytical mind created special course to teach bharatnatyam using her vast experience in this field.
  • Course is run in all the  important cities in Maharashtra and also in France and America.
  • Teachers are well trained, graduates and post graduates in dance and have experience of teaching bharatnatyam under able guidance of Sucheta tai.
  • All teachers are dancers themselves, and enjoy teaching.
  • Students are given books and CDs to make their learning simple and effective.
  • Students appear for kalavardhini Nrityashala’s yearly exam and also Gandharva Mahavidyalay exams.
  • Many programs are organised to keep student’s interest constant and also help them experience different dance styles of young and veteran dancers because we believe watching is great learning.
  • We believe in creating dancers with good technique, imagination,grace, creativity, sensitivity and dedication.
  • We believe in spreading happiness. We help our students to discover their rhythm of soul.